Thursday Men’s League


Format: 2 Man Teams. Scramble. 9 holes each week. Field is limited to the first 24 teams. If we have 24 teams we will split the field into 2 divisions.

When: Qualifying rounds will be April 27 and May 4 with a 5:30 pm shotgun start, please arrive 30 minutes early for a short rules meeting.  The first match will be May 11th.

Entry Fee and Deadline: $200 per team, $10 weekly cash skin pot. Entry must be paid by April 24 in person at the golf shop. A team entered but not paid by April 21 will not be allowed to play in the league. 

Handicaps: Handicaps will be based on your league team scores during league play.

Tees: All players will play off the white tees unless both players are 60 and older.

Scoring: This will be round robin match play. The 9 holes are broken up into 3 hole segments with each segment worth 1 point. Teams will accumulate points each week. Handicaps will apply in the match as the strokes fall on the card. Strokes will be played off the low team handicap.

Example: Andy/Jeff handicap is 0,  Joe/Jack  handicap 5 (3 on front nine, 2 on back nine) Joe and Jack would get 3 strokes on the front nine and 2 strokes on back nine depending on which side their match is for that evening.

Playoffs: This will be determined after entries close for the league along with the purse for the season.

Subs: Subs will be allowed but 1 team member must be playing. If a team is unable to play they may reschedule their match but it must be completed before the next league night. If the match is not completed before the next league night both teams will receive 0 points. Handicaps for subs will be determined by the league administrator. Unlike last year subs will not be allowed to play as extras if they are not in a match.

If you have any questions about the league, please contact Jeff Schroeder via email or phone at 812-824-4040 ext 2.