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2022 Annual Report of Eagle Pointe Foundation

Introduction and History of EPF

Eagle Pointe Foundation was established in 2021 as a charitable organization to promote the environmental enhancement of Eagle Pointe and to assist the less advantaged in the community. Since then, thanks to the generosity of our donors, EPF has invested more than $60,000 in these charitable purposes. The board of directors includes Elizabeth Larson, President, Paula Raybould, Treasurer, Bill Jonas, Secretary, Peter Samuelson, Don Arbogast and Jerry Pagac. During its first year, EPF purchased and planted trees on the west edge of the driving range and behind the 10th hole green. It also sponsored the 2021 Eagle Pointe Memorial Golf Outing honoring “Dog Shack” Dave Pratt and purchased an automated external defibrillator (AED) which is kept at the golf shop in the clubhouse. The foundation’s 2021 annual report is available on the EPF website (www.eaglepointefoundation.com).

Changes to Bylaws and Membership

During 2022, changes were made to the corporation’s bylaws and membership. These changes were largely driven by requirements to obtain an Indiana charity gaming license and staffing for fundraising bingo nights. The following persons were added as Eagle Pointe Foundation members: Melissa Emily, Phyllis Davidson, Gail Miller, Charlie Miller, Bill Williams, Laurie Samuelson, Richard Samuelson, Bill Matthews, Mike McCann.


EPF is exceptionally grateful for the generosity of the Eagle Pointe community. After receiving donations of $23,658 from eight donors in 2021, we were honored with donations totaling $38,872.65 from more than 50 donors in 2022. Funding from direct donations was supplemented this year by money raised from bingo nights organized by Melissa Emily and a host of foundation volunteers.  The EPF balance sheet as of 1/4/2023 and 2022 statement of income and expenses are set out here. Using the carry-over balance from 2021 in addition to this year’s donations, EPF spent more than $42,500 on projects this year. More than 94 cents of each dollar donated went to projects to benefit the community.


Front gate landscaping

Thanks to a lead gift from longtime Water’s Edge resident Jan Gray, we were able to install new, professionally designed landscaping at the visitor’s entrance on East Pointe Road. The project was contracted through Harmony Gardens. At right is a photo of one of the lovely hibiscus in the new beds.

Removal of dead trees at holes 16 and 18

EPF funded the removal of dead pine and ash trees between holes 15 and 16 and the dead sycamore tree between the 18th fairway and Pointe View Drive, the main approach to villages of Eagle Bay, LaSalle’s Woods, Eagle Cove, Bay Pointe and Water’s Edge. Because of the years of deferred maintenance at the golf course, the removal of dead trees will continue to be a focus of foundation activity. Trees were planted between the tees at holes 15 and 16, replacing those removed there.

Software purchase for TGC@EP fundraiser golf outing; sponsorship of Eagle’s Nest

The foundation licensed fundraising software from OneCause, an industry leader from Indianapolis. The software allowed the online auction that accompanied the 2022 Eagle Pointe Memorial Golf Outing in September. The outing honored past community leaders Mike Baugh and Brian Earley and raised more than $25,000 benefitting the Carmel Dad’s Club (selected by the Baugh family), the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (selected by the Earley family), and The Golf Club at Eagle Pointe. The foundation also sponsored the Eagle’s Nest, the wedding and event venue owned by The Golf Club at Eagle Pointe and operated in partnership with Sahm’s at The Pointe.

Hole 10 wildflowers and pond project

The tenth hole at The Golf Club at Eagle Pointe is the signature hole and marks the main entrance to the Eagle Pointe community; it provides a beautiful background to the Eagle’s Nest and for the rebuilt deck outside Sahm’s at the Pointe. The pond beside the 10th green feeds Eagle Pointe’s iconic waterfall. The foundation funded and accomplished two projects on hole 10 this year. The first was the wildflower project. Large areas on the banks of the irrigation pond were cleared of unsightly brush and weeds, burned down and planted with wildflowers native to Indiana. This project will not only provide colorful blooms as the flowers mature over the next three years, but it also provides savings as the planted areas do not require constant maintenance from the golf course superintendent and his crew. Photos below show EPF member Richard Samuelson tilling and EPF Board member Jerry Pagac spreading seed, then with the assistance of community members, tamping the seed into the soil.

The second project involved the pond by the hole 10 green. Over the past decades, the rock border of this lined pond, used to feed the waterfall and course irrigation system, had eroded and fallen to the bottom of the pond, leaving the liner exposed and failing. Conceptualized and presented to the community in the early fall, this project was the subject of a fundraising campaign conducted and completed during the first 3 weeks of October. The campaign raised more than $13,000 and the project was completed in late December within that budget.  You can see before and during restoration photos below.



In 2022, spearheaded by the efforts of PSA Treasurer Melissa Emily and EPF Board president Elizabeth Larson, the foundation obtained a charity gaming license from the State of Indiana and began bi-weekly bingo nights at the Eagle’s Nest which are open to community members as well as the general public. Proceeds from bingo help fund the foundation projects outlined above. In 2023, the bi-weekly bingo nights will return and several euchre tournaments will be added as well.

Preview of 2023 EPF activities and projects

In 2023, EPF will take on responsibility for planning and execution of the annual fundraiser golf outing. The 2023 golf outing will be the main feature of the 50th anniversary celebration weekend. Please mark your calendars for June 23-25, 2023, for this exciting event.

As always, contributions to Eagle Pointe Foundation are tax deductible. Contributions may be made online at www.eaglepointefoundation.com or by check mailed to Eagle Pointe Foundation, P.O. Box 66 Smithville, IN 47458.